Awarded by the Omnivore Festival

Founding my own company.

Offering up my expertise, transmitting my values.

Creating and developing new recipes.

Becoming part of the international brand.

Producing products adapted to local flavours.

Imagining lighter, in-season and environmentally-friendly recipes.

Joining a Parisian institution with a remarkable team.

The « Séquence Sucrée » : a big adventure
with a menu composed solely of desserts
following the structure of a traditional meal.

Freedom of expression.

Back in Paris, France in one of the city’s most
premier of establishments.

Uniting inventiveness with audacity
following the hexagon’s tradition.

Valuing past experiences.

Sharing one’s passion with a team of pastry chefs hailing from the four corners on the world.

Stimulating the desire to progress together.

Creating, exchanging, growing – all enriched by diversity.

Adapting to Japan’s sensitivity,
searching for new bearings.

Growing thanks to the exacting standards
of Alain Ducasse.

Finding the country of your heart.

Training in a touching family-run
three-star establishment.

Living a foundational experience.

Discovering the balance of flavours.

The opportunity to learn
from Thierry Mulhaupt.

Acquiring the essential basics 
from an exceptional master.

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